Leverage data to improve your fantasy football team. Now.

Join thousands of fantasy football managers making better, brighter, and more informed decisions with our crowdsourced data to determine which players to start and which players to sit.

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How Lineup Advisor works

Users rate players. At the heart of Lineup Advisor are thousands of fantasy football predictions – from users like you! Users predict whether players will overperform or underperform their projected point total.

Catapult your team to success with aggregated projections. We compile the player projections and share those results with you (in real time!). The result is a better service that helps you optimize your team over the course of a season.

Lineup Advisor - Crowdsourced fantasy football lineup optimization | Product Hunt

Why Lineup Advisor?

  • Thousands of predictions > The prediction of one expert.
  • Saves time. Sure, you can spend hours researching or you can spend a few minutes rating the players you know and benefit from the collective knowledge of the Lineup Advisor community to optimize your lineup.
  • It’s free.
  • It’s easy. We offer an easy-to-use format that takes no more than five minutes.
  • Dominate your league. That’s not hard to understand, right?
  • Created by fantasy football players for fantasy football players.
  • Listen to this guy: “Lineup Advisor’s crowd sourced predictions are revolutionary and should be used by any serious fantasy football player.” – Some wise man long ago (note: not a real person).